Shoes & Accessories Design


Full-time in-person


1 academic year




Milan and Rome

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Open enrolment

Class size

Max 15 students

Tuition fees per Year

EU citizens: €18.350
Non-EU citizens: €19.350

Objectives of the Intensive Shoes & Accessories Design

Accademia del Lusso's Shoes & Accessories Design Intensive Course provides industry-focussed, innovative training that allows students to become pioneers in the shoes and accessories industry.

Italy is renowned worldwide for its successful leather goods industry, and this course brings together the same artisan craftsmanship and high-tech industrial processes used within the most famous Italian luxury businesses, in a truly unique course that will inspire and excite, bringing to life the creative ideas of students from Italy and across the globe.

Footwear and accessories collections are a core business for most international fashion brands who deal with clothing and sports design, and more and more brands are moving into this area of luxury & fashion. Today, an increasingly competitive market requires designers capable of creating collections that are commercially viable and product-oriented, without neglecting an original and innovative creative element.

This course is designed with the job market in mind. Taught by expert teachers who are also industry professionals, you will learn a variety of practical, creative, and business skills that will set you up for a very successful career in the industry.

Experimentation and sustainable innovation are a key part of the course, and activities such as workshops, visits, seminars, networking opportunities and sector events will give you experience and ensure you are prepared for the work of work.


Certificate awarded by Accademia del Lusso upon successful completion of the course.

Entry Requirements

  • Secondary school (high school) diploma or equivalent
  • Suitable level of English

Please see How to apply for information on admissions procedures

Teaching Method

At Accademia del Lusso you will be taught by working professionals who have a wealth of knowledge and experience.

Our Intensive Courses are highly specialised and practice-based, designed for personal and professional growth and for developing a high level of professional skills that are in-demand in the job market.

Lectures are combined with workshops and project work both in and out of the school, and field trips to companies, events, trade fairs, and important industry locations will take place throughout the course.

Students will be assessed throughout the course and at the end will present a thesis project.

Classroom Lessons

Frontal teaching with mandatory attendance

Laboratory Practice

Experiential teaching, practical work in equipped classrooms


The program of the Intensive Course Fashion Product Design is organized into thematic areas, with specific teachings divided according to well-defined fashion fields, and practical laboratories, essential for applying and perfecting the acquired skills in practice.

Thematic Areas

Contextualize and organize studies with comprehensive paths

The division into thematic areas in the teaching of Intensive Courses helps students systematically contextualize and organize the course curriculum.

Laboratories and Experiences

Accademia del Lusso's laboratories are spaces designed for hands-on training, where students can acquire technical skills and experiment with specific materials and tools.

In addition, meetings, visits to museums, libraries, and showrooms are organized, along with participation in key events in the fashion and luxury world, such as fashion shows, events, and industry fairs, to witness the greatest talents in the fashion business in action.

Lastly, an important part of the teaching in Intensive Courses is dedicated to project experiences with the business world in the product, service, and communication areas, as well as meetings and seminars with professionals from the fashion and luxury sectors to explore and deepen understanding of cutting-edge realities and new trends.

Classroom Lessons

Frontal teaching with mandatory attendance. Theoretical, theoretical-practical, and practical subjects.

External Visits

Visits to museums and showrooms, analysis of fashion and luxury locations.


In-depth seminars with experts from the fashion & luxury system.

Work Weeks and Workshops

Interdisciplinary educational workshop focused on the development of an assigned project.


The course will ensure you can cover roles relevant to the artistic creation of a shoe or an accessory. You will also be able to manage the production and creative processes of the entire fashion product chain.

Work Internships

Our aim is to prepare students to enter the job market effectively and quickly. To this end, our placement service is constantly working to consolidate partnerships with the most prestigious fashion and luxury brands and businesses, the most original maisons, and the most innovative start-ups. We have built stable yet dynamic relationships that promote talent and our vision of sustainable innovation. Our Careers Office is in contact with some of the best companies and agencies: this allows 90% of students to find important internships or professional collaborations within 6/8 months from the end of their course.

Career prospects

What are some of the main career opportunities offered by the Intensive Course in Shoes & Accessories Design?
01. Shoes & Accessories Designer
specialises in designing and developing new models of shoes and accessories.
02. Processing Technician
responsible for managing production processes, the processing of fabrics and materials, and the setting up of the machinery and equipment used in this area.
03. Fashion Designer
the genius behind the artistic creation of a garment or accessory. Fashion designers study fashion trends, develop sketches, select colours and fabrics, and oversee the final production of their designs.

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