Accademia del Lusso

Accademia del Lusso is a Registered Higher Education Institute offering accredited courses in the fashion, design, and luxury area.

Bachelor’s degrees

The Bachelor’s degree courses offered at Accademia del Lusso are accredited by the Italian Ministry of Education as formal academic qualifications equivalent to a 3-year bachelor’s degree.

They each issue 180 credits (European Credit Transfer System).

The legal name (in Italian) of the qualification is: Diploma accademico di primo livello. This qualification is legally equivalent to a 3-year university bachelor’s degree and is valid for pursuing further studies at university across the globe.

Master’s degrees

The Master’s degree courses at Accademia del Lusso are run in collaboration with eCampus University and offer the possibility of obtaining a career-focussed university qualification worth 60 credits.

The legal name (in Italian) of the qualification is: Master Universitario di primo livello.

Other accreditation information and documents (in Italian)

  • Charter
  • Ministerial Decree

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