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About Us

School of fashion & design in Milan

Accademia del Lusso is the school of fashion & design in Milan offering high-level training which is both innovative and creative. Since its founding in 2005, it has acted as the meeting place between the demands of the job market – always on the lookout for ever-more specific professional profiles – and the aspirations of those who wish to embark on a career with the big names in fashion, luxury, and high-end products. The school’s main location is situated on Via Montenapoleone in Milan, an essential destination for all those who want to work as true professionals in the sector.

Accademia del Lusso trains the key professional figures that operate within the sector, from fashion to marketing, brand management to fashion design and fashion communication, whilst always maintaining a constant contact with the business world.

The school’s training technique is innovative as it unites invention with design, and is based on the three fundamental and interchanging aspects: knowledge, application and life.

Luxury: a market in constant growth

Accademia del Lusso’s specialisation is creativity directed at luxury, a choice which stems from two central reasons: firstly, that the luxury market represents a business in constant growth both in Italy and across the globe with levels of development that are far superior to that of other markets. The second reason arises from a very operational aspect: the difficulty of penetrating the filters that prevent entry into these sectors, which are too often closed and private.

Our mission

Our mission is to transform passion into profession, by shaping our students into well-rounded professionals with a global perspective who stand out in today’s competitive job market. The international calibre of our courses combined with the expertise of our teachers offers a multidisciplinary training experience that both encompasses the very latest innovations and is directly connected to the real demands of the sector.

Our teaching method: proven, dynamic and avant-garde

The teaching method at Accademia del Lusso is based on an innovative approach that follows two closely linked paths: one of which is technical-creative and the other which is focused on management.

Accademia del Lusso’s teaching style is exclusive thanks to the reputation and experience of its teachers who are all accomplished experts in their various spheres of fashion and who regularly revise and update course material. It is thanks to this that the school is able to provide training that is constantly up-to-date and relevant to the job market.

Our teachers: working professionals

All of the teachers at Accademia del Lusso are working professionals with roles in prominent businesses within the fashion, design and luxury sectors. Our teachers are students’ first point of contact with the world of work, making for an authentic learning environment and meaning that students are always aware of the latest techniques and trends. There are frequent opportunities for students to meet face-to-face with other industry professionals and to visit important sector-related businesses and brands.

Our courses: International quality

The international quality of our courses is demonstrated through three main aspects: firstly, the possibility to study in English, an essential language in today’s business scene; secondly, through our links with schools and universities across the globe; and finally, the fact that our courses welcome students of many different nationalities. Combined, these attributes create a truly multinational environment that simulates what students are likely to encounter in their future careers and which means that they are already prepared to enter roles within international work contexts, both in Italy and across the globe.

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