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The vision of eth n | was born from the thought of a great craftsman of the past, William Morris, who in a period of great industrialization understands the importance of recovering the artisan tradition. Focusing on innovation and tradition.

Today, fashion is more and more this philosophy, embracing the ability and technology to improve the product, in total respect of the principles of sustainability, ethics and ecology. eth | n | ikon is the ideal continuation of the fashion show in_materia 2018, with its continuum in the search for work, enriched by the desire to recover local and popular traditions.

A hymn to diversity and ethnicities, in a contemporary key and contaminated by precise trends. From the evolution from the aathleisure with #athleticity to the metropolitan ethnic-metropolitan, passing through a mix masculine + feminine.
When and where

Thursday 6 June 2019 at 9pm at Fabbrica Orobia in via Orobia 15, Milan.
To partecipate

Info: – Tel. 02/2619323

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