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End of year Accademia del Lusso: the student fashion show where ethnic rhymes with ethical

Ethnic revisited in metropolitan and artisan style. This is the inspiration that guided the students of the Fashion Design and Footwear & Accessories Design courses at Accademia del Lusso in Milan, the school for high-class education and training. The creations of the 56 students from across the globe – Europe, China, India and Korea – were on display at eth|n|ikon, the school’s end-of-year fashion show (in the photo a look by Giulia Spitaleri). “To present the students’ capsule collections,” explains Barbara LG Sordi, Accademia del Lusso Milan’s Head of Studies, “we came up with a play on the words ‘ethnic’ and ‘ethical’. Our school places a large emphasis on recovering local and popular traditions as well as focussing on diversity and different ethnicities. This is done in a contemporary way and through contamination with specific trends such as sustainability: from recycled or recovered fabrics to organic materials such as cotton, nettle muslin, or bamboo twill. Next year we are launching a master’s course focussing precisely on sustainable fashion.” Just as important is the attention placed on craftsmanship, understood as a set of traditions (from the handcrafting of flowers to the return of bobbin lacemaking). “It is important that the students come into contact with these methods: today, luxury means giving value to materials that are top-quality and that have a history.”




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