Award Ceremony Contest

On April 14th 2015, the Spanish designer Agatha Ruiz de la Prada rewarded the talent of the 18 students of Accademia del Lusso who took part in the strategic marketing, retail and visual merchandising contest. The award ceremony took place in front of an audience of students, fans of the brand, opinion leaders, industry experts and fashion bloggers. Guided by Prof. Raffaele Ferrante and Linda Brun (Italian brand manager), Accademia del Lusso’s students were involved in theoretical and practical experiences.

This articulated MKTG and Retail programme focused on the brand itself, and aimed at enhancing and improving the interaction between the product and the display area. The winner of the contest was Andrea di Biagio, who will be involved in a professional experience in the brand’s store in Milan (this store is a pilot project that will test a new selling experience). Joint second place was awarded to two students: Antonella Grazioso and Tatiana Giovazzini. Bettinelli Letizia won third place.