Master Class with Myriam Volterra: “When there is a Will there is a Way”

Accademia del Lusso has organized in Milan a seminar with Myriam Volterra: expert of the Fashion & Luxury world, International specialist in fashion buying, she will share her professional and personal experience.

Themes and topics

  • Biography of Myriam Volterra: personal and family history; the debut; work experience; anecdotes.
  • Business: how it all began; the value of small things
  • International relations: communication strategies; research strategies (suppliers/consumers); social media; future projects.
  • Sceneries: business development, ideas and expansion strategies; countries and markets; never give up.
  • International network: relationships with young professionals from different International and personal backgrounds.
  • Personal traits and motivation: tenacity, determination, perseverance.
  • Resources: positive team Energy, from business to the work environment; my current family, even with…Tobia!
  • How to build a business: the importance of market research in key countries (China, Korea, USA), an eye towards the world; the challenges of a woman entrepreneur; how to face the competition; the importance of negotiation; the evolution of the perception of fashion becoming luxury.
Master Class with Myriam Volterra: “When there is a Will there is a Way”

When and where

Thursday April 7th 2016 at 2 pm at Accademia del Lusso’s LuxuryLab in Milano, Via Privata Chioggia 2/4. The seminar is free and open to all those interested.

For info: Call  02/2619323 or write to