“Web Influencer” Workshop in Milan

At: Accademia del Lusso – Events Room Via Privata Chioggia, 2 20121 Milan

The workshop is being held during the Week of Communication in Milan – on schedule from 30th September – 6th October.

The following lecturers will be participating: JARVIS MACCHI Author of “Lusso 2.0. Visioni del prossimo futuro” (Luxury 2.0. Visions for the near future) MASSIMO CROTTI Managing Director of Veesible Srl GIGLIO RONCAGLIA Expert in Communication and Advertisement and teacher at Accademia del Lusso CRISTIANO RADELLI President of Anitec and Vicepresident of Confindustria Digitale

Presiding over the round table is RICCARDO DENARO CEO of Areastream

To be followed by Cocktails and a DJ set powered by UNCONTROLLED BEAT


“Web Influencer” Workshop in Milan