Accademia del lusso goes to India

During the last few years, Accademia del Lusso has been invested in increasing and strengthening its international presence. The latest country to have the chance to experience our fashion and luxury expertise is India. India is a new emerging market with great potential in the luxury goods sector as well as the relative academic and cultural fields. As a matter of fact, the latter are key interests for ADL: young universities and private institutions who are implementing their education offer in fashion, luxury, branding, styling, retail and design. These phenomena are creating new stimulating relationships between our educational system and the local one.

Thanks to its focus on the luxury and fashion fields, Accademia del Lusso has become one of the most significant Italian institutions and a reference point for all those Indian schools and universities who are opening their doors to our educational mission. For this reason, from May 6th to 11th, our Prof. Raffaele Ferrante (teacher of Marketing and Retail Management, and consultant for many international brands) and Bruno Paradiso (International Relations Manager for Asian countries) visited India to share our know-how through master classes and conferences in Delhi and Mumbai.

Together with local teachers and around 70 students at the Pearl Academy of Fashion and 180 at the Footwear Design & Development Institute in New Delhi, Professor Ferrante held two lectures focused on the evolution of the luxury system. By explaining several case-histories and providing examples from his own professional experience, he gave students a broad introduction to the luxury system (clothes, accessories, automobiles, furniture and appliances), offering them several inputs to start their own careers. The lectures were appreciated in both academies, with students engaging in a very active way, by asking questions and advice on how to reach their professional goals.

While in Mumbai, a strong connection with the local environment was established, thanks to a two-day conference and seminars organised in cooperation with FAD International Academy. The event “Luxury Fashion Style Conclave” was held during the Edutainment Show on May 9th and 10th and generated a very stimulating connection with bloggers, entrepreneurs, designers, brand and retail managers. Professor Ferrante was invited to many different panels that focused on his European experiences in luxury businesses. His participation was very successful, and there was such an active interaction with the audience that Professor Ferrante was asked to join other supplementary conferences and focus groups.

Thanks to these events, our Institution received praises and consideration both by the local business and the educational world. It is through experiences like these that Accademia del Lusso aims to develop and establish itself as a protagonist in India.