Abstract Feelings, Fashion Show 2014

This is an end-of-year event organized by the Accademia del Lusso to present the students’ creations – if you like fashion, then you simply cannot miss it.

The inner world turns into fashion

Abstract Feelings” is a creative project inspired by the idea of a person’s inner world, the place where abstraction and emotions meet, as well as light and darkness, and primordial forces and visionary perceptions. It is to bring to life a complex universe, transformed by the young and talented students of the Accademia del Lusso.

The theme

A dress as a symbol of emotions. A dress as idol, obscurity, inner world, spirituality. A dress as altar, majesty, supernatural, fear, spirituality. A sacredness of shapes represented by tactile materials and glossy surfaces to recreate a vibrant suit of armour for a globe-trotter, hybrid warrior in these new Middle Ages 3.0.

The clothes

The 69 designs created by the students of the Accademia del Lusso can be divided into two different yet complementary interpretations of the theme:

  • The Mantra dress, worn as a cyber-punk suit of armour by a timeless warrior wandering in space who wants to connect spiritually with the outside world to bring his inner world out into the light;
  • The Totem dress, symbol of an eternal and sacred entity, both majestic and creepy, that the soul is both curious about and worships.
Abstract Feelings, Fashion Show 2014

When and where

Time and Place

“Abstract Feelings” will take place on Thursday, June 21st, in the Pelota, in via Palermo 10, Milan, one of the trendiest areas of the city, where the charm of Brera is mixed to a more futurist feel.

Full Program:

ore 8.45 pm Opening
ore 9.00 pm Fashion Show
ore 10.00 pm After show cocktails and dj set by Frankie HI-NRG MC
ore 12.00 pm After party at the Old Fashion Club

Entrance is subject to availability

It will be possible to see the show even from outside; participation includes entrance to the after party at the Old Fashion Club.

A beautiful shopping bag as a free gift

All those taking a picture and sharing it on Facebook with the hashtag #abstractfeelings will receive a shopping bag realized by the students of the Accademia del Lusso.

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