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Intensive course that aims to provide basic knowledge and techniques of the processes involved in Fashion Design. The contents of the singular weeks are developed as independent units; therefore students can buy and attend single weeks according to the contents, their level of knowledge and needs.

Week 1: Intro: Research & Materials

  • intro to trends & research
  • how to make a mood board and a color palette
  • study of the main material for fashion collection

Week 2: Fashion Drawing

  • basics of human body stylization
  • how to make a fashion template
  • draping on the silhouette


Week 3: Fashion Design

  • basics of collection design
  • moulage (draping fabrics on mannequins)


Week 4: Fashion Illustration

  • Intro to Fashion Graphic Design (Photoshop)
  • basics of rendering techniques
  • how to present a final portfolio


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